The Original fully licensed and FAA compliant unmanned service provider, both air and land.
Snaproll is a pioneer in film, inspection work, unmanned systems design and testing.

• Over 20 years of combined aviation and UAS experience •
• Full service firm including in-house video editing services •
 • Engineering staff in-house to provide custom solutions •
• Largest UAS fleet in the industry •


snaproll uas Service

Domestic and international

$450/hr. Working Rate
$150/hr. Travel Rate
$100/hr. Editing Rate

10hr. Minimum | 1 Production Day

Current regulations require drones to be operated by licensed pilots.
New law, not yet enacted, provides that operators will not require pilots licence, estimated to go into effect Q4 2016.

  • Daily rate includes two person team (Pilot and Camera Operator)
  • Multiple teams available simultaneously
  • Guaranteed booking requires 2 week notice
  • Service is limited to service at 10-15 hotels concurrently based on demand


10hrs.: 10% rebate

20hrs.: 11% rebate

30hrs.: 12% rebate

40hrs.: 13% rebate

50hrs.: 14% rebate

Additional Incentive
2% rebate to Hilton Worldwide
(Regardless of total working hours)


Potential Structure | Quarterly Volume Assesment

1-100 Properties
10% rebate

100-500 Properties
15% rebate

500-3000 Properties
20% rebate

about snaproll

Founded in 2004, Snaproll Media has been a leader in the sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) industry since long before the term sUAS was coined. In 2012, when the FAA was tasked with overseeing the industry, they asked Snaproll to help create the safety protocols and operating standards. After that, we drafted the original Flight Operations Manual for the Motion Picture Association of America and we wrote the standards for the first Public High School sUAS program in America.Snaproll is well known for our work in the cinema industry, (Fast and Furious, Transformers, Iron Man, Bay Watch, etc.) but our work with industrial/commercial clients is equally important (AON, GM, Belk, HCA, GE, etc.)

Snaproll curates innovative, highly skilled talent. We are a world-class team that combines the expertise of commercially licensed airplane and helicopter pilots with the intuitive eye of aerial camera and payload operators; these two positions travel as a team to every project. Our clients work alongside the operator to achieve exactly what is needed. We have developed a range of aircraft systems, from micro to full scale. Working with our in-house engineering staff, we are flexible and can fly nearly any payload you desire. In the past 12 years we are credited with lots of “firsts” and we continue to innovate every day. Technology is changing quickly and we pride ourselves with staying on the leading edge.


Most of our engagements require liability insurance of $2-5 million. This provides risk protection to our clients and our company. Snaproll carries property insurance at a minimum on our higher end equipment. Clients are named as “additionally insured” upon contract signing and we request the same in return from the client before project commencement. For higher end jobs we request proof of coverage from clients.