333 Exemption
This is the formal document from the FAA that grants an individual or company the right to fly UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) for any purpose other than hobby use.

Certificate of Authorization (COA)
This simply put is our “blanket exemption” outlining basic parameters of where, what and why we can or can’t do things in US Airspace. We can offer proof of this upon request and our exemption letter from the FAA can be read here. A COA can also be requested based upon certain criteria not met under a basic 333 exemption such as proximity to a towered airport. At that point a request for permission to fly within the certain area must be approved and granted by the local FAA office. The COA requires we provide the following staff and qualifications to operate: 

Private or Sport license with active medical certificate
Our pilots fly full size aircraft (fixed wing and rotorcraft) regularly.
They are continuously testing new technology and techniques to better operate with team and outside creative sources (ie.: directors, DP’s, etc.).

Camera Operator
Our camera operators are up to date with the latest camera technology and have spent time in a variety of environments to hone their craft, learn proper etiquette and offer creative advice when needed.
Relationships with some of the leading photo/video technology companies offer us the opportunity to learn workflows and products on a highly detailed level in formal environments.

Visual Observer (VO)
The VO acts as an “extra set of eyes” for the pilot by focusing on additional elements within the line-of-sight. They relay audible warnings to staff and are required to be well versed in knowledge of US Airspace and air traffic regulations. Each VO is trained by an FAA certified instructor and awarded with a certificate upon completion.

Plan of Activities (POA)
A POA is filed for every job we're hired for with any corresponding local FAA office to state our plans and details of the flight. One filing covers a one mile radius from the coordinates or address supplied which allows mobility to relocate if needed to achieve the optimal location and operating space within “line of sight.”