Reliable and Tough

The Firecracker UAS is built from tough composite materials designed to withstand the rigorous environments presented by firefighting and search and rescue operations. The modular break-a-way design and dampening systems provide optimal protection against transportation and operation impacts.



Using stitched imaging technology, the Firecracker provides users the ability to see environments from all angles without having to rotate the aircraft. Simply touch a certain area on the screen and the UAS positions itself above the desired position for a full 360° viewing angle.


Ease of Use

Designing an aircraft to empower every user at different levels of UAS experience was at the top of the list when the Firecracker was designed. The user interface and software allows anyone to take control and make their first flight just as successful as their 500th months down the road.



Through the use of state-of-the-art battery technology and detailed engineering, the Firecracker UAS allows for longer flight times providing the ground teams more support and thus reducing risk.